Releasing Flatnesia

28 April 2019 ยท Personal

I had a good time while designing for IYC 2014 back then. I created a set of Indonesian traditional dresses and everybody loved it. I decided to release the set into public, allowing them to reuse it for any non commercial purposes under the Flatnesia flag.

Shit happened. Many people adapted my design and they put it on stock sites. Making reports to have them taken down were not a pleasant task.

After a careful consideration, I decided to “upgrade” the license: allowing any commercial usages. So, instead of paying for some shitty redesigns, why don’t you guys use my own?

You may use it for anything. It’s free for everyone. It’s free for everything. You don’t need to attribute me but I would love one.

Feel free to download the set on

I also added 34 landmarks from each provinces into the set, might add  something more related to Indonesia anytime soon.

If things go well, I might release it into public domain.

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