Here is supposed to be the place to put my portfolio

Honestly, I haven't got the opportunity to put mine. I had done many projects in the past eight years, yet none is enough to be considered in my Top 5.

I was involved in a one in a lifetime project where we followed every design thinking process thoroughly. We embraced the critical design process and iterative approach while maintained it to be a safe place for everyone. Sadly, NDA prevented me from publishing my experience.

I have also had a chance of working on projects that were positively impacting the company business. My team helped simplify and standardise many of the core processes, but sadly we didn't have access to the data. We didn't know the impact of our works on numbers.

It’s really sad for a designer for not having a portfolio. Hopefully, these recommendations from my former co-workers, direct reports, managers, and clients could help you understand what my expertise and skills are.

Some of my Recommendations

Rifat is one of my favourite partners. He has a strong personality, a unique perspective, and always craving to learn but also a pretty good teacher.

Photo of Rio


Rifat is the person that I’m comfortable working with. Professional, creative and honest. Besides being a great “boss”, he also a great friend.

Photo of Fahry


Rifat knows how to manage the team and makes sure that we have a much more better workflow without having us ask him to do it.

Photo of Mikey


Rifat is a very detail-oriented person who always help another guy and another division by his brilliance and creative ideas. He also a very passionate person and give the best from him.

Photo of Brili


Rifat’s the kind of person who would devote a lot of time and energy towards the things (or people) he’s passionate about.

Photo of Alanda


Rifat is a very creative person. He has great initiative and a very detail-oriented one. He is also an active kind of person, helpful, and expert in his fields.

Photo of Anna


Happy Clients

Besides working professionally, I also do some side gigs in my free time. Here are some of the happy clients.

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